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Discord Bots


Syntia is a special bot made for SONAR Gamer’s Club Discord. This bot is open-source, so you can modify the bot or improving it, even make your own bot based on it.


Engine Examples

Construct 2

Physics Tilt Platformer Example

Learn how to make a tip and tilt platform game similar to the mobile game, Super Monkey Ball: Tip ‘n Tilt. The demo for this example is not playable on mobiles.

DemoHow to CreateSource


Coloring Platformer Example

Inspired from De Blob, guide the square to the goal by blending the square, trigger colored switches and paint ghost tiles to solidify them.

Play the demoSource



PlayMaker-Powered 2D Physics Platformer Example

An example of a simple 2D physics rolling platformer, created with PlayMaker.

Download the Demo Source


(The source code requires PlayMaker or the project won’t work. You can get PlayMaker from Unity Asset Store.)

Android Playground

An example to demonstrate what Unity can do with mobile inputs.

Download APKSource (7zip)

NOTE: Make sure “Unknown sources” in Settings > Security is ticked before installing this APK! (Don’t worry, the installer will tell you about that)

This is needed as Android apps are supposed to be installed from Google Play Store, and yes, this example isn’t available there yet…


Game Mods

Puyo Puyo VS 2

Music Planet

Inspired from Sony Ericsson’s (now Sony Mobile) mobile game, QuadraPop. Includes both background and skin.



A mod featuring Pokémon, included with characters and BG.


Art Gallery

Original Characters (OC)

My Pac-Man OCs

My Puyo Puyo OCs

Fan Arts

Pokémon in Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary Style

See more on my DA