Farewell Puyo Nexus Forums (2007-2018)

On February 24, 2018, Puyo Nexus Forums will reach its last second. I have been in the forums since 2016, and I had fun there. Anyway, most peoples in Nexus (including myself) were also in English Puyo Puyo Community (EPPC) Discord, so no big deal. So for those that on Nexus (or anywhere) but not … Continue reading Farewell Puyo Nexus Forums (2007-2018)

You’re invited to join SONAR Gamer’s Club!

SONAR Gamer's Club is an official Discord community by SONAR Games. Intimate together with other gamers around the world and have fun discussing about anything interesting (but rules still apply!) Besides that, you can also check out some quick updates from SONAR's Twitter, blog and YouTube right from there! Everything you need is categorized and … Continue reading You’re invited to join SONAR Gamer’s Club!

Introducing, Mini Game Titans!

As you might know, I'm currently working on a project under the code name Project Ria. Project Ria is a mini-game challenge game where you need to finish as many mini-games as possible, in the similar style to Nicktoons Superstuffed: Mini Game Mania and Dumb Ways to Die. So now, I'll officially want to announce … Continue reading Introducing, Mini Game Titans!

Balls ‘n’ Stars is about to be released soon!

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I post a blog post. 😆 So, here it is. Finally, after about 5 months of hard work and no hopes for cancellations, Balls 'n' Stars should be ready for a special departure soon! Anyway, most of you might remember my problem from the last blog post, … Continue reading Balls ‘n’ Stars is about to be released soon!

Balls ‘n’ Stars development slowdown

Hello everyone, Most of you might have waiting for Balls 'n' Stars, right? I'm sure you do. However, due to some small bugs with Unity 2017.1 like sudden memory leaks and improper screenshot feature, the development might slowed down until September 1st. (I'm really interested in testing the beta, but my current internet quota isn't … Continue reading Balls ‘n’ Stars development slowdown