History of SONAR Games

Start of Development (2006 – 2011)
I’ve learned a bit about game development since 2010s, but I’m more to making mock-ups before the 2010s.

I like to draw some samples and mock-ups of my games, and I’m also like to draw comics and cartoons. I’m always use my old IBM ThinkPad to create samples, prototypes and drawings of my games. While developing, I’m also playing Java games on my old phones (Sony Ericsson J300i and K700i as well as Nokia 3230, previously belong to somebody else)

In 2007, I’ve learned to use Flash (5 – MX 2004). I like to create games with Flash. But since I don’t have any internet connections at the time, I can’t find any additional tutorials in the internet. In the end of 2011, I’ve found Game Maker 8.0.

The Old is Dead, The New is Born (2012)
In the middle of 2012, my old ThinkPad isn’t working anymore, because it was a 4-years old laptop. So some parts of the laptop is broken due to it’s age.

Fortunately, in August 8, 2012, I just participated to the 1Malaysia Netbook campaign for secondary schools. And finally, my new Lenovo IdeaPad netbook is arrived on my hands.

The Beginning of SONAR Games’ Evolution (2013)
In 2013, I’ve decided to make my games under the “SONAR Games” brand. I capitalize the SONAR word so it might form an acronym, at the first place I doesn’t have any ideas for what it stands for. In June 5, I’ve finished my first game using Multimedia Fusion Developer 2 (Build 249 HWA (HardWare Acceleration)) and I named it “Virtual Bricks”. I’ve submit the game on Game Jolt and later, on itch.io in 2014.

The Evolution Continues (2013)
My game making experiences still continues. After I found Construct 2 in the end of 2012, I’ve planned to make my second game using it. I’ve create some prototypes using Construct 2. Until July, my first C2 game is finished and ready to be submitted. I named it “Perry the Explorer Alien” and it’s a top-down flight game. After I submit the game, I’ve got an idea to make Perry as the mascot of SONAR Games (but never happened…). In September, I’ve finished another game using Construct 2. I named it “Brick Breaker X”, the game follows the concepts of Atari’s Breakout. The “X” letter stands for “extended”, “extreme”, “extra” or “experience”. But, nothing special in this game yet.

The New Revolution (2014)
In this year, I’ve planned to make a mobile game, and finally it finished. It’s a mobile sequel to Brick Breaker X, “Brick Breaker X: Blitz”. The game is also created with Construct 2 and wrapped with Ludei’s CocoonJS mobile wrapper. The game was submitted as an Android app to SlideME and Amazon Appstore.

Few months later, I’ve planned to make another Android game. It’s a Doodle Jump remake featuring Perry from “Perry the Explorer Alien”. I named it “Jump, Perry! Jump!”. As usual, I send the game to the same app stores where I sent Brick Breaker X: Blitz.

As on June, I’m planning to make a PC game using either Construct 2, Fusion or Game Maker. And finally, my game is finished and I named it “Round Rotate”. Unfortunately, the game gives a most sadly failure. So I sent the game to GitHub, a place which projects are collaborated with the world. But now, no more…

Game Making in Ramadan (2014)
In the middle of the Ramadan, I’m planning to make another Android and HTML5 game with a “Kuih Raya” theme as Blacksmith Software tell the Scirra community about Arlene Blackwell’s free food sprites. I’ve plan to sent the game on the 3rd of Aidilfitri. But due to some difficulties, I’ve cancel the making of the game.

Got a New, But Old (and Valuable) Smartphone (2014)
In early 2014 or later, my second sister just gave me her old Samsung Galaxy Chat smartphone to replace my broken tablet (and Wi-Fi router), to be used for my leisure and for helping me make mobile games. Unfortunately, that phone can’t even handle popular games! So, I used that phone for game emulations like playing Game Boy games…

Evolution Begins and Slipped (2015)
In January 2nd, I’ve bought a new HP laptop using my scholarship money (almost RM2000 since I finished school) to replace my old and screen-shattered 1Malaysia netbook (stored for safety in my new home since 2016). It comes with AMD A8 processor with AMD Radeon Graphics. It runs on Windows 8.1 x64 but it has only 1.7 GB of usable RAM out of 2GB.

But it really fits my needs, unfortunately, the main problem now is my current Internet connection, as I have finished my scholarship money, I doesn’t have enough money to afford a better Internet modem/broadband, until my mom got a new smartphone and a new postpaid internet.

But those obstacles will never drop me down, I’ll withstand those problems even I may have to wait longer and longer for something better. (But it won’t last longer…)

Too bad, because my legacy starts with that netbook… Well, time to change, right? Fortunately, I used an old external CRT monitor to replace the netbook’s screen. But the monitor was an electricity waster! Now, how the heck should I return my old stuffs from that netbook back?!

The Slip Now Ends, and Just Arrived to the World of Windows 10 (2015)
Finally, I have ended my problem about the internet. As I described here, I’ve purchased a new mobile internet prepaid account that gives me free 1GB of internet every month for life (until the credit expires). Also, I’ve upgraded my OS to Windows 10 using the free upgrade that Microsoft has promoted. The OS is really great and brings back the Start menu I’ve familiar since my first Windows PC (the Start screen is still good though). Now I’m currently rebuilding Brick Breaker X: Rescue Rush from scratch.

Changing My Focus for Something Simpler (2016)
Now it’s 2016, I’ve a new resolution for changing what SONAR Games should be. Like I have stated in a blog post, I’ll move my focus to a more simple, but almost advanced console-grade gameplay and graphics development. That’s why, I’m refuses to develop Brick Breaker X: Rescue Rush and go to Round Rotate instead.

Digital Disaster (2016)
As Round Rotate is still being developed, my notebook was demolished by an unbeatable slowdown and now I’m in a sticky situation! As a solution, I’ve reset the PC and now my PC is back. But, some of my apps, files and everything are gone, and I’ve been blasted to Windows 8.1 back. But finally, everything is now back to normal and everything is prepared back, even I’ve upgraded back to Windows 10. 😄

But now, Round Rotate must be re-developed from scratch, as described on here.

Being Advanced in Social Media (2016)
Since I developed the new Brick Breaker X: Rescue Rush and Round Rotate, I’ve been familiar with social media. Now, I’ve learn how a #hashtag works, it gives me more possibilities to be a known (not viral or famous!) indie game developer and looking smiles on gamers’ face as they enjoy quality (maybe…) and free of charge PC and mobile games.

And now, my possible goal is to enter the Steam Greenlight and Google Play Store, I hope I have my own credit card and a family business for that. :mrgreen:

And correct, I’ve opened an Instagram account for a long time but never used since it created. But in this year, this account will be the main source for the development progress screenshots I will share. Sometimes, I used Twitter for everything…

But, it seems that I’m not being surrounded on Facebook, too bad…

As a side part, I’ve got a new phone in post-early 2016, an old Sony smartphone which was previously belonged to my third sister. Due to this, I’m the only member in the current “default family” of my family (consists of me, my parents, and my “currently singled/unmarried” siblings) to not own a Samsung smartphone, excepting my father.

But who cares, most of us may have different stuffs other than what the others have, right? (Even most members in my family still owning non-Samsung smartphones)

Feeling Sluggish with Other Things (2016)
Since the last months before the month of Ramadan came, I can’t help but being sluggish with other things including maintaining this website completely since I’m developing Round Rotate. But now, the sluggishness should be less critical now because the game is now finished, here is the “minisite” for the game (the most silly idea I’ve ever think of… :mrgreen: but you can check out profiles of the ball designs, still silly), but you can instead download the game on Game Jolt.

Experimenting Unity (2016)
Finally, the time is finally comes! 😆

After finishing Round Rotate, I can now freely experimenting Unity, the world’s most popular game engine of all time! And the most better, the new Unity room is now open in the Laboratory! Currently, I just have only one example in there. But later, something better might come!

But now, I need to take a short break and think about the next game that I will make.

The New Year, Truckloads of Hypes and The True Challenge (2017)
Finally, it’s 2017 and too much things I got hyped too, Construct 3, Windows 10 Creators Update, Nintendo Switch (so many old games was revived like Bomberman and World of Goo!), and even better, Puyo Puyo Tetris in English for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch! I hope I can play Super Mario Odyssey, Super Bomberman R, 1-2 Switch! or ARMS…

(Unfortunately, Switch costs over RM2000 to be pre-ordered, too bad nobody can afford it)

But what’s better for 2017 is I’ll making a new game this year, by using Unity, as I’ve told before.

The Handled Challenge (2017)
Finally, as I said, I’ll make a new game using Unity, and here it is.

However, it’s really hard to handle trials and errors when using it to develop Color Scape, like failures to implement data serialization, problems with navigation among scenes and a small bug that causes my preloader to not loading the correct scene. But as long as my imagination is still charged, nothing can stop me.

As I wrote this, I just have only one stage to be designed for Color Scape. (And hoping to do more stages, worlds and features next time…)

What!? Dead end?!!

Sorry for the dead end. But for now, this page won’t be updated as this page is made just for historical purposes.

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