As SONAR Games is 5 years now, I’ll revamp the website by updating some parts (plus deleting some unnecessary stuffs) in the website, that’s including a complete re-edit of the About page, the homepage, and the removal of History, About Me and the now-unused Laboratory pages.

Since this year, the Laboratory was replaced with the Gallery, where I can also show my artworks, other projects and game mods.

Why the History page was removed? BECAUSE IT’S SORT OF EMBARRASSING IN MY OPINION! 🤣 (To be honest, I actually shy to show everything in my life 😛)

However, the revamp isn’t even finished yet, there are more things that will be changed (and planned) so don’t get surprised.

Well, that’s all for the blog post and I’ll see you in the next post! ✌️

And also, have a happy Ramadan guys!


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