Farewell Puyo Nexus Forums (2007-2018)

On February 24, 2018, Puyo Nexus Forums will reach its last second. I have been in the forums since 2016, and I had fun there.

Anyway, most peoples in Nexus (including myself) were also in English Puyo Puyo Community (EPPC) Discord, so no big deal.

So for those that on Nexus (or anywhere) but not on Discord, I really recommend you to register on Discord so we can meet again. (However, Twitter also works but it wasn’t really that intuitive for chat.)

You can catch me on SONAR Gamer’s Club, my own Discord server or EPPC Discord.

That’s all for the blog post and this is my last words for Puyo Nexus Forums:

Thanks for giving us opportunity for posting topics about our interests and fandoms involving Puyo Puyo. Once you gone, our memories with you will always stay in our minds, souls and hearts.

Goodbye, Puyo Nexus Forums. We will miss you. 😭


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