2017 is about to reach its last step and 2018 will shine. Let’s recap what has SONAR Games bring this year.

2017 Recap

On January, during the Chinese New Year celebration, I’ve updated Round Rotate to version 1.1.0 in order to fix some bugs and errors in the game.

On May 6, Color Scape was born. It’s my first game using Unity, for Android and PC. However, the Android version was delayed as I thought that I can release it on Play Store. However, such hope was a flop, so I submit it to my currently preferred Android stores instead. 🙁

And then, I made another game using Unity, and this time, it’s even more advanced. Yes, it’s Balls ‘n’ Stars. Balls ‘n’ Stars is originally planned to be developed in Construct 2 in 2014, but the idea was scrapped.

In order to celebrate the release of the game, I updated Round Rotate to version 1.2.0 to include 2 new balls from Balls ‘n’ Stars.

Well, it’s not really a big boom for SONAR Games, but I’ve learned Unity a bit more than last year. So, I may use Unity more than Construct 2 for my new games.

Plans for 2018

2018 should be the best year of the history of SONAR Games, because it will be 5 years since I make games under the brand. But the true anniversary of SONAR Games is the date when Virtual Bricks was released.

That’s all for my blog post and I’ll see you guys in 2018! (or tomorrow)


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