Hello everyone, it has been a while since I post a blog post. 😆
So, here it is.

Finally, after about 5 months of hard work and no hopes for cancellations, Balls ‘n’ Stars should be ready for a special departure soon! Anyway, most of you might remember my problem from the last blog post, right? I’ve settled them all by reverting to Unity 5.x. (Although I may lost some features)

Searching through bugs, script errors, issues with singletons, stage designs, lots of work. But those were fun, as I have also learned a lot about how Unity’s ecosystem works.

Also, I want to say thanks to a Discord user named willycel123 from English Puyo Puyo Community Discord and Hard Drop Tetris Discord and another Discord user named Ronan Smith from Unity Developer Hub Discord for giving me some best practices and suggestions for making this game even better. (I’ve been on Discord a lot since this year)

Well, that’s all for this blog post. Got any comments, just post it here.

See you in the next blog post!


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