Hello to all my fellow readers,

In this blog post, I want to tell that I’ll continue the development of my current game, Balls ‘n’ Stars.

Since early of June, I can’t help but became sluggish in developing Balls ‘n’ Stars after I’ve finished developing Color Scape, since it was Ramadan. So, the development was on hiatus between the end of Ramadan and the start of Eid. And today, which will be the end of mainstream Eid celebration holiday, I’ll continue the development. (I supposed to continue this on this Monday, but it’s better to continue early)

Yep, I’ve announced Balls ‘n’ Stars on Twitter last month:

This game was originally a Construct 2 prototype, but I’ve stopped the development of the game on 2014 and started to make this instead.

And now, I’ll remake the prototype: better, nicer and greater. And like Color Scape, Unity will be the program I’ll use to make Balls ‘n’ Stars. However, I’ll only consider a PC (and web) release for now since I don’t have anything to do with mobile publishing due to lack of bank accounts for registering to mainstream mobile marketplaces like Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

So now, PC and web game development will be my only specialties for now. If I’m capable of registering on either App Store nor Play Store, I’ll continue making mobile games.

About PC games, Steam will not a good choice for me… But itch.io and Game Jolt do.

I’m also under a gamer’s tag right now, so I may became sluggish due to video game addiction (fortunately I make my games alone)

So, that’s all for my blog post. I’m gonna see you in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my blog or Discord.

See you later and don’t forget to enjoy my games!


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