Hello my fellow SONAR Gamelings,
Welcome to my first blog post in 2017; my last blog post was from December 2016 😀…

So, have you know that I’m currently developing Color Scape? Sure you did, if you followed me on Instagram.

When Color Scape will be released?

I’ve confirmed the release dates for Color Scape, the PC and Android version will be released this May! The PC version will come in early May, while the Android version may come in late May.

Why the Android version came later before the PC version?

Unfortunately, I may obtain a credit card even later than it should, so I’m afraid that I can’t pay the registration fee for Google Play Store just earlier. If the release is a little delayed, I may submit Color Scape on other Android app stores first.

For the PC version, it just that easy. I’ll send it to Game Jolt and

Why on and Game Jolt, and not Steam?

Like the Android version, but even worst. I can’t afford the fee to enter Steam Greenlight, and I’m not sure if I’m able to enter the Greenlight arena before it’s service will be discontinued.

That’s why, and Game Jolt are the best stores that I can rely on.

For the Android version, will it include IAPs and ads?

For Color Scape, none of them will be available. But in my next Android games, I may include them for money’s sake in my new credit card.

Why Color Scape isn’t on iOS?

Only one reason: I don’t have a Mac or an Apple device.

That’s all for my blog post. (That looks like a FAQ page…)

And sorry for releasing this game in May, but I need another month to make some final touches and website preparations (and some daily breaks and me times… 😌) 

So, I’ll see you, readers, in my next blog post.

Keep entertaining, my friends! ✌


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