2017 is approaching!


Finally, 2 days to go before we leave 2016! So what’s your resolution for 2017? My resolution, check the next section.

As a side note, my eyestrain is finally gone! Probably it’s not my addiction to computers but I still need to decrease my usage for good.

My resolution for 2017

My resolution for 2017 is to bring even more happiness to all peoples around the world with casual games that could compete with AAA games. I’m also not sure if I may continue using Construct 2 or not. Because there’s also some other game development programs like Unity, Godot, Fusion or Defold, pending in my laptop, as well as GameMaker Studio, Corona, Cocos2D, Starling Framework, Unreal, GDevelop and Torque.

But as I said here, I may use Unity starting September. But that won’t stop me from using other engines; Unity is my main engine from now on but I need to learn more about it.

Why with the others?

About other engines, maybe the reasons I’m not using them frequently are:


Even this program are active in development and free, but I still not satisfied with its features. It’s own scripting language, GDScript, is actually confusing in the first place. But someone just told me before that GDScript is easier than C#. So I may consider using Godot for 2D games over Unity.


I used its predecessor, Multimedia Fusion 2 to create Virtual Bricks. Unfortunately, per-frame events and no support for “in-editor instancing” like Construct 2 are just dumb for me, especially when working with games with multiple levels.

But Fusion 3 seems to be in development, and the new features seems to be promising.


I would like to give this a try since it was now developed by King, you know, the same company who developed Candy Crush Saga and those like that. And it’s free, I like how a giant like King giving away their proprietary engine for free and nothing will be paid anymore (excepting in-game items in their games of course…)

This engine is powered with Lua, which is the scripting language I’ve learned a bit.

Unfortunately, the workflow of this engine seems to be messed up. I mean, this engine requires a Google account (not a prob since I have one), and you need to use an in-browser dashboard to create a project, why don’t they include the dashboard inside the editor?!

GameMaker Studio

GameMaker is my first game engine since I downloaded Game Maker 8.0 on my old ThinkPad laptop. Unfortunately, the graphics renderer on the exported game won’t work with that laptop. After I got my 1Malaysia netbook, I’ve installed Game Maker 8.0, Game Maker 8.1 and GameMaker: Studio on it and both are working.

GameMaker: Studio is just better than its predecessors since it can export to other platforms than Windows. I’ve even installed it on my current laptop.

And guess what, YoYo Games have announced and released a beta for GameMaker Studio 2. I’ve installed the beta but not created any games on it. Due to its “always up-to-date” nature, using it under a bad internet connection is really painful so I uninstalled it.

What else is gonna happen next year?

You may know that the Windows 10 Creators Update will be available on Spring 2017. Finally, full-fledged creativity and virtual reality are finally came built-in to Windows! Thanks, Microsoft!

Also, Nintendo’s new tablet and console hybrid successor to the Wii U, Nintendo Switch will be launched on March 17, 2017. Unfortunately, I never got that console, but I got my fanon game ideas running in my head. I wonder, what games will come into that console?

That’s the only new things that interests me so far.


That’s all for today’s blog post and this will be my last blog post for 2016. See you in January 2017 and enjoy your last days in 2016!


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