Changing to Unity

It has been 3 years since I’ve used Construct 2 to make my games, and I’m feeling good making games with it. Unfortunately, I need to leave it for a while and use Unity from now on.


I dunno, but it seems that most Construct 2 veterans changing from Construct 2 to Unity. Maybe they want to bring their game development experiences to the next level. TBH, I’ve learned a bit about the basics in Unity since 2013, so I hope I can make some great games using it, if I know how to program C# codes.

What will I create with Unity?

Probably I’ll make either a new, 2D or 3D version of Brick Breaker X, depending on my interests, maybe I’ll go with the 2D version.

But for now, let my imagination decides what I’ll create this time, or you can tell me what can I create in the comments.

When will I return to the basics and Construct 2?

When I want to, but now I’ll try to challenge myself to create a simple, but nice game using Unity. I hope I can give y’all, who are currently reading this blog post a sample of the game I’m currently create.

That’s all for this blog post, see you in the next blog post! 🙂


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