Round Rotate will be re-developed, and some disabilities

Hello to who has followed me on either Twitter or Facebook, thanks for those follows and likes for #SONARRoundRotate. But unfortunately, Round Rotate will be re-developed from scratch.

The reason?

I’m was too clumsy and unconsciously forgot to back up the Round Rotate project and 84% of my files and apps (most of them are downloaded from the Internet) before my PC is formatted to factory original after a worst peril is causing the PC to be unusable (viruses, perhaps?). I’m also has return from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1.

What is that worst peril?

Right after my nephew played Minetest (not a problem for me..), my PC is gone sticky and unusable, right after I restart it using the Power button. Fortunately, I’ve backed up Perry the Explorer and Brick Breaker X (not all of them due to copying problems) franchise projects. I’ve also rescued all my Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 64 ROMS from the peril. Unfortunately, the save data for those games, and also, GameCube and Wii games, are GONE! Also, my other projects and some personal files like musics, videos and pictures, all of them, POOF!! And now, my PC is back, but it became empty… 😢

The disabilities?

Oh yes! The disabilities, the disabilities are the apps that I used to make the game, its assets and more, POOF!! Gone! And I don’t have enough money to get a large amount of quota for my internet plan to download such apps back. The apps I lost are:

  • Construct 2
  • Inkscape
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Flash
  • FL Studio
  • Audacity

Stroked app names has been downloaded.

Also, due to my return from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1, I’ve lost a sack of possibilities to make it almost look like my old PCs. But that’s not a worst thing, maybe I can upgrade to Windows 10 back if I’m ready for it.

EDIT: I’ve returned to Windows 10 and I hope to make sure nothing will broke my PC again. Also, some of my essential apps has returned on my side again!


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