SONAR Games website is redesigned, again…

The website is currently having a small makeover, for a new year, new month and new world. I want to make my website as responsive as possible, to enable mobile users to view my website.

I’m currently having some troubles in my world right now, but I’ll never told you, it’s a personal problem!

Not to going off-topic, but I’ve moved all development updates from my game, Round Rotate from Twitter to Facebook. However, some tidbits and snacks from the game instead will be tweeted on Twitter…

That’s the only thing I should told about Round Rotate. Now back to the topic.

Every beginning of the year, I’ve been trying to improve both my game making skills and my website. Also, every year, I may have an idea for a new game, but those wasn’t happen in instant. Besides of that, I’ve planned to expand my game development for publishing my games on consoles and handhelds, but due to my bite-sized skills, time, freedom and money, such thing will never happen, forever….

And now, I’ll focus to make game making more simpler and back to basics (almost… 😀). I’m not really active right now during this blog post was written and will continue to work tomorrow.

As a side note, do not think that my website does not satisfy you while it is being upgraded and improved from time to time.

Wanna see my current updates (1 posts or 2 per day), like my Facebook page and follow my Twitter (there’s the FB and Twitter boxes at the sidebar… and at the bottom if you using phones or tablets…).


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