Brick Breaker X: Rescue Rush will be in a hiatus

Due to problems with nw.js (0.13 alpha5), Brick Breaker X: Rescue Rush development cycle will be paused until those problem solved. The problems are:

  • Sessions in nw.js 0.13 A5 was changed into temporary profiles, which will be discarded once nw.js exited, resetting the game. Which means, any game data that was saved in the game will be discarded once exited. (But it can be fixed, maybe…)
  • Fullscreen support broken, which means that players can’t go to fullscreen.
  • Exports as a dead game, when the game exported into nw.js from Construct 2, the game will broken and shows a black screen instead.
  • Memory leak in the previous version (nw.js 0.12/0.10.5), due to problems in what nw.js was based, Google Chromium, the memory leak can cause high-end games to be stuttered when played for more than a hour. But the next version has fixed the problem, that’s why I want to use nw.js 0.13 A5.

So, while the development is in a hiatus, I may learn some C# programming in order to master Unity and create a game using it.


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