The new Scirra Arcade and the redesigned Laboratory

Reasons for a long inactivation

Finally, I’m back in this website! I’m too busy with video games, game development with Construct 2 and learning to use Unity. Also, my previous Internet connection was a “brick” when I want to visit a website and gave the SIM to my sister. So, I decided to get my own Internet plan, and finally I get my own prepaid plan. It’s a special plan where I can get a free 1GB of Internet once a month for life (till the plan stops working) (Yay, the Internet rules!).

Let’s back to the topic

The new Scirra Arcade

The new Scirra Arcade is finally opened. Though it still in beta, I’ve uploaded 2 Construct 2 examples in the Laboratory to the Arcade. There’s also many superb games right there.

The redesigned Laboratory

Even the Laboratory is quite old, but I’ve made a makeover to the Laboratory, giving it a fresher look (I think). In the Laboratory, you can find examples, tools, widgets and plugins for my favorite game engines such as Construct 2, Unity, GDevelop, Clickteam Fusion 2.5, Torque and GameMaker: Studio. This is also the place where I show my side-projects (I’m currently developing an emulator frontend, I think).

Any comments or feedback?

You can comment to this post about the Laboratory or the Scirra Arcade. Or you can also comment to the post related to this blog post on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


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