Welcome to SONAR Games!

Welcome to the home of my unusually cute stuffs and games. For 5 years, cuteness, minimalism, happiness and simplicity have always been parts of what I design and create, from games, to artworks, to music.

If you want to know more about what SONAR Games is all about, scroll down. 👇

Reimagining the Gaming World for the Next Generations

SONAR Games specialized for making games that are unique and fun to play for every players, on every ages, on every easily-accessible platforms.

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Resources for Fans and Gamers Alike

SONAR Gamer’s Club

SONAR Gamer’s Club is SONAR Games’ specialized community where different types of gamers can gather together for a big chat!

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If you’re a real fan of SONAR Games, you can show your fandom with some goodies.

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Formerly known as the Laboratory, the Gallery shows my other creations for you to see what I’m good with.

It used to show only game examples, but I also make other stuffs nowadays so I’m going to show some of them here.

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