Welcome to SONAR Games!


Welcome to the home of my unusually cute stuffs and games. For more than 5 years, cuteness, minimalism, happiness and simplicity have always been parts of what I design and create, from games, to artworks, to music.

If you want to know more about what SONAR Games is all about, scroll down. ๐Ÿ‘‡

Games Came from Creativity and Joy

When it comes to games, I always tried to do the best for making a very enjoyable, yet creative game for everyone.

My earlier games might be garbage for some of you, but this time, I’m gonna try again to make something more appealing.

Stuffs for Fans!

SONAR Gamer’s Club

Say hello to the Discord community that I made exclusively for my fans! This is where you can chat with me, the owner of the website + some of my Discord friends in real-time! (Sorta…)

We can talk about anything, like games, memes, and even IRL things. But remember, no morons allowed!

Meanwhile it’s originally a Discord community, but it also has a Steam group as well! This is where occasional contests are held!

Wait, did I just heard goodies?

Hey, you’re in luck! If you’re a true fan of my games and stuffs, you may want to have some digital merchandises, right?

Well… go here!

Not just games, but other things too

I’m used to only show games, but I also do some Discord bot programming, (cute) arts, and game mods! (Perhaps other things too but not a lot are good to be shown ๐Ÿ˜‚)

Check what other stuffs I did so far through the below button!

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